Because of Supernatural, almost all of my life is different.

Because of Supernatural, the words “Sam” and “Dean” aren’t just arbitrary names to me anymore. Or even just characters. In fact, when I hear their names, I see real people in my mind. People with lives and stories. People that make me laugh and cry and want to tear my heart out over and over again. people that deserve love and happiness but can never seem to reach it. People that understand pain and suffering more than anyone else in the world. people that value family over everything and are willing to do anything for the people that are important to them.

Because of Supernatural, when I think of heaven I no longer think of one huge place of lightness and happiness and good, but instead, i think of a million tiny places of everything, everything from gardens to war zones to thanksgiving dinners to battle grounds.

Because of Supernatural, the devil seems more compassionate and misunderstood than angels, because most angels are dicks and demons are sarcastic little shits.

And the angels that aren’t dicks don’t bring me feelings of joy and relief, but instead of sadness and pain and abandonment.

Because of Supernatural, no car is ever going to be my dream car, because my dream car is a stupid black impala with army men shoved into inconvenient places and theres a rattling sound in the heater and some dumb kids initials carved permanently into her.

Because of Supernatural, when I picture god, i dont see a man with a beard in a white robe. I see an alcoholic hitting a man over the head with a plunger.

Because of Supernatural, when the lights flicker the first thing i think about isn’t, “oh, the lights are flickering.” Instead, i wonder wear the salt is.

Because of Supernatural, i understand the importance of friendship, and family, and honor. I have learned about not only the importance, but also the consequences of putting others before myself.

Because of Supernatural I’m not scared of the dark. Only whats in it.

Because of Supernatural i have made friends and found relationships in the strangest of places, ones that i wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

Because of Supernatural I have heroes and heroines, people i can look up too no matter what. People that don’t always make the best decisions but always did so with the intent on doing good. on being good.

Because of Supernatural I have a family that doesn’t end with blood.

Because of Supernatural I have a universe I can escape into when the real world becomes to shitty of a place to stay in anymore.

So don’t ever tell me that Supernatural is just a television show, because to me, it is a way of life.

It is home.


Taurus & Virgo - That like each other a lot


Does anyone else remember playing music in Real One Player and just sitting there and watching this for like two hours




Mike Wazowski joins the Avengers.



mission accomplished





Sam Nielson Photoshop Brushes

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fucking zooming in on the cats face like “shit i’ve been trapped”

i’m crying


Ah yes the halloween decorations are up





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There is a magical beauty to some abandoned places.

1) Abandoned ship in Canary Islands

2) Abandoned home in New Orleans

3) Abandoned Belgian chateau

4) Abandoned operating room

5) Abandoned home in Poland


the most important rule.